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THE BOTANICAL FARMER is the sister company to the award winning TRADITIONAL FLOWER Co. which was started by Sam Ellson back in 2006 and THE ARTISAN DRIED FLOWER Co. in 2013.

The idea for our first company came after many years of growing old fashioned flowers and herbs in our kitchen garden and realising that no-one was selling British seasonal flowers as nature intended.

After 20 years of working in the fashion industry and spending most of them away from the farm, it was time to combine the world of design and farming.
Our companies are based in beautiful Staffordshire parkland on a 100 acre sheep farm. The flower business is a small scale outdoor operation of approx 8,000 scented rose bushes, over 5,000 herb plants and acres of seasonal flowers & foliage. We plant, sow and harvest most of the ingredients that go into our products. During the Summer time our empty livestock sheds are put to good use, air drying our flowers and herbs.

The Artisan Dried Flower Co was started as a way of extending our seasons, and providing wild, rustic, bohemian wedding designs that were not previously available in the market place.  
The latest addition to our stable of flower companies, is the BOTANICAL FARMER which was created as a way of using up everything that we grow, not just the flower stems for fresh and dried bouquets, but using the petals and all of the plant so that there is no wastage. We also recognize there is a need in the market place for bath products and especially Potpourri, to have a makeover using natural ingredients and fragrances to decorate the home and revitalize and rebalance the body and soul.
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The Artisan Dried Flower Co. for dried wedding flowers.